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Many people in California are going green while driving by investing in electric vehicles. Anyone with one of these cars understands how important an at-home electric vehicle charging (EVC) station is to ensure their car is ready to run. Dalcon Electric proudly supports eco-conscious drivers with electric car charging station installation services in San Jose, CA. We can install your new electric vehicle services equipment (EVSE) quickly and safely, including Tesla car chargers. If you drive a Tesla vehicle, a wall connector is a convenient and cost-effective way to take care of your car’s energy needs. Our electricians have ample training and experience in these installations, and we can explain details like how to use a garage EV charger and what impact it will make on your energy bills.

Costs of a Home Charging Installation & Regular Use

Your first financial concern is the price of purchasing a station, which typically ranges from $400 to $2,000. Installing an electric vehicle charging station varies in cost, depending on factors like which level your charging equipment is. There are three levels, and each level requires a different voltage than the others. Residential properties choose Level One or Level Two, while commercial properties select Level One, Two, or Three. Level One uses a 120-volt circuit, which is standard for households. Level Two requires a 240-volt circuit, like an electric stove or dryer. If you choose to install a Level Two charger, you will probably need to add a circuit to your home.

Preparing Your Garage for a Charging Station Installation

When you hire Dalcon Electric to install your electric vehicle service equipment, there are some ways you can get your garage ready. First, our electricians will visit your property to determine where to place your charging station, performing a load calculation of all your existing circuits, and give you a quote based on the scope of work. Next, you should consider climate control in your garage since electric car batteries cannot handle fluctuating weather well. For example, installing an insulated garage door will help prevent drastic temperature changes in your garage. Be sure to give us advance notice when you need an electric car charging station installation. There may be permits to obtain before we start working. The completed installation will also require an inspection.

Trust Dalcon Electric in San Jose, CA

Dalcon Electric looks forward to helping you drive green with an electric vehicle charging station installation at your property. Our electricians specialize in safely and meticulously installing various charging options, such as Tesla wall connectors. We will gladly work with you to determine which equipment works best for your home charging station.

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