May 11, 2017 | | Santa Clara, Ca
Client's rating: 5 of 5

Wow this company is amazing! We had at least five other electrical "companies" come out for estimates before we found Dalcon. Hiring them was a no-brainer after meeting the others. Our electricians were/are Rey I. and Rafael R. They were completely professional, knowledgeable, communicative in every way (especially texting which is so handy), clean and both adorable guys to boot. We have 66 yr old knob-and-tube wiring in half of the house. We wanted a couple of the outlets upgraded to the latest, and we needed an outdoor flood on the front of the house replaced. They gave us two new AFCI switches on the panel, plus new junction boxes under the house for each of the rooms. The junction boxes provide a path to further upgrade the house which I don't believe the other electricians mentions). They taught us almost everything we need to know going forward to upgrade the rest of the house. For this job, I wanted everything done to code and with permits. I provided drawings of the house and made marks where I wanted the rewired receptacles. They took care of all the permits. To my delight - they were very knowledgeable about all the current electrical codes. The guys that do your estimate also do the work. How rare is that? With other companies a great guy comes out and does the estimate, then he sends someone else - possible very junior - to do the work. Not so with Dalcon. We got to interview and know the guys doing the actual work prior to the work day. The tricky thing was tying off the old knob-and-tube so that the rest of it worked correctly. Also fitting the new AFCI switches in the panel box was interesting. The work I couldn't see - stapling the new romex to the underside of the house - I have a feeling it was done precisely since everything else they did was done so well. They each drove their own truck with the company logo. They had shirts to match and wore booties everytime they came inside so they wouldn't track dirt. In doing the original estimate they used a company-wide pricing book. They take visa with no extra fee. So they installed all the stuff we wanted, then helped us fix some minor things for no charge. I can't promise you'll get extra things for no charge from them. We are always very nice to our contractors - so I'm sure that helped. (I recommend being super nice to your workers - hey - why not?). Dalcon appears to be a largish company with at least 15 electricians. I like that so in 5 years if something breaks, they are there to fix their work. I can't wait to have them out again to upgrade the rest of our wiring. Thank you Dalcon, Rey and Rafael! Additional comment: George from Dalcon came out to help with getting the permit approved by the city. He's a great guy and was very helpful. Another wonderful experience with Dalcon!